Deliver Enterprise Apps with Improved Performance, Speed

Performance is everything for enterprise organizations, particularly when it comes to delivering applications to thousands of users at once.

In order to improve application delivery performance, Array Networks has announced four new enterprise-class application delivery controllers: APV2600 for small-to-medium-sized businesses, APV5600 for enterprise's with 'larger traffic demands," APV10600 for global organizations and service providers and Array's top-shelf application delivery controller, the APV10650.

Each of these new appliances places a particular emphasis on providing enhanced price performance for 2048-bit SSL acceleration, which is currently the most common "advanced" feature for customers that are buying a load balancer or application delivery controller, as it helps ensure secure applications, content and transactions over the Internet.

In addition, these new delivery controllers provide server and link load balancing, global server load balancing (GSLB), connection multiplexing, SSL acceleration, compression, caching, traffic shaping and application security. It also comes with a number of "next generation features" at no extra cost, such as:

-    ePolicy scripting that allows administrators to create custom logic to control application traffic

-    IPv6 Ready Forum Gold Certification that supports feature parity and the ability to operate in IPv6 networks

-    Support for migration from IPv4 to IPv6, along with a means for both networks and clients to communicate

-    Independent Session Control that improves persistence and security, while enhancing application performance

-    An eCloud API that give cloud providers a scripting tool to assist with integrating APV Series ADCs with cloud management systems

-    And additional ADC features, including TCP stateful failover, N+1 clustering, role-based administration control and advanced ACLs

The new Array APV Series application delivery controllers are available now.