Eco-Friendly Hosting Plans at is hoping the trends towards green computing is here to stay.

The Web services company unveiled an eco-friendly web hosting plans, featuring a 150% wind power offset for hosting servers, tree planting for each new account, and computer equipment donations for reuse and recycling.

"'s updated hosting plans reflect an aggressive commitment to do what we can to help the planet be more environmentally sustainable," said David Andrews, Brand Manager for "Our customers can also show their commitment by displaying wind-powered hosting badges on their websites to let visitors know their websites are eco-friendly."

It's not easy being green.'s environmentally-friendly initiatives include wind power offset for all web hosting servers through Bonneville Environmental Foundation, used computer and server donations to a Basel Action network certified e-recycler, a tree planted for each new web hosting account via Trees for the Future, and several other steps including recognizing and supporting employee efforts in the areas of composting, vegetable gardening, and alternative transportation.