Feel Good - Web Hosting for Startup Non-Profits

Anyone starting a non-profit in this economic climate is one brave do-gooder. Fortunately, they will get at least a little relief thanks to GlowHost which is offering free web hosting and services to qualifying (501c3) non-profit startups.

"There are so many people out there doing selfless things and contributing to the greater good," said Matt Lundstrom, president at GlowHost. "And none of these organizations have it easy. Particularly in the early stages, it is tough to run a non-profit organization and attract widespread support without spending thousands of dollars. GlowHost is committed to supporting not only our customers, but also the wider communities that we are all a part of. Our way of doing this is by providing organizations with free web hosting services, in addition to the features they need to get their web presence up and running."

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