GlobalSign Accelerates SSL-Certified Pages

One of the world's largest SSL certificate providers, GlobalSign, has partnered with Web performance and security company CloudFlare to significantly accelerate the load speeds and reduce the geographical delay of SSL-secured Web pages. And best of all, this speedy service comes at no additional charge or configuration requirements for GlobalSign customers.

After integrating the technology of these companies, GlobalSign has been able to increase load speeds by as much as six times that of traditional SSL. The hope is that by noticeably improving the performance of SSL-secured Web pages, the company will foster wider acceptance and adoption of SSL certificates that help Web businesses reduce the risk of data breaches, compromised sites and, most important, customer identity theft and fraud. Of course, it also helps that faster performing websites tend to increase customer loyalty and diminish site abandonment rates.

Historically, many sites have refrained from implementing SSL on their sites outside of their login or checkout pages out of a fear that it would disrupt the end-user experience. But now, as a result of its collaboration with CloudFlare, when browsers visit GlobalSign-protected websites, they can validate the certificates much quicker. This is because of CloudFlare's network of 23 global datacenters that reduce the amount of time it takes a Certificate Authority (CA) SSL to deliver an SSL certificate's validity status to the browser.

In addition, this CloudFlare's international network provides resilience to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to protect GlobalSign Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) services, which indicate the validity status of its SSL certificates.

But that's not all in the way of recent news for GlobalSign. Earlier this week, the company announced the general availability of its new (and free) SSL Configuration Checker online service that lets website administrators confirm that their SSL is configured correctly across all of their websites; the service even provides actionable insights and guidance on how they can fix any questionable or exploitable configurations, as well.

When SSL is accurately configured, it dramatically improves the performance of the website and strengthens its ability to secure the site, offering a defense against cyber criminality, such as SSL BEAST, CRIME and other attacks that target faulty SSL configurations.

The service integrates Qualys SSL Labs assessment technology, which audits SSL ecosystems, raises awareness and provides tools and documentation for website owners that allow them to improve their SSL implementations.

SSL Configuration Checker can be used by any organization by simply visiting, where users just have to enter the URL of the site they want to check. Following a quick test, the service will return a letter grade of the site's configuration, along with a brief explanation of any issues it finds and some remediation steps they can follow to correct the issue(s).

The tool is already available in an array of languages, including Dutch, English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian.