Green Web Hosting; REC's at FastHosts

It's interesting how when the economy hit the skids you heard less and less (or anything at all) about the "green" movement. For those Web professionals who are still dedicated to making a difference in the environment, however, reseller web hosting provider FastHosts announced they are now participating in a green initiative which ensures all of their services run from a green data center. 

As part of United Internet's Global Green Initiative, over 30K tons of CO2 are saved each year. Fasthosts has purchased enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from the non-profit, Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), to match 100 percent of the electricity used at the company's data center. While green purists often scoff at the idea of only "offsetting" CO2 with these RECs, it does show a commitment to the environment and is something that resellers can use as a marketing tool with green-sensitive hosting customers.

"At Fasthosts it is important for us to offer our resellers a service that will allow them to succeed.  Environmentally conscious products and services are in a great demand now, so we've decided to offer our resellers the ability to sell a green product at no extra cost.  Besides being a valuable selling point for our resellers, Fasthosts is proud to be an environmentally responsible company," said Steve Holford, CMO of Fasthosts.