HostUpon Taps SiteLock for Site Protection Services

Website security is proving increasingly important for businesses large and small - and it looks as though the hosting vendors will be those responsible, at least in part, for providing protection.

Shared and VPS hosting provider HostUpon has announced that it has joined forces with website security solution SiteLock to offer website scanning security to new customers. SiteLock's scanning package provides an initial website scan to check applications for infiltration's, then performs daily malware and network scans. Once a website is determined to be secure, that site is able to display a SiteLock Trust Seal on their webpage.

HostUpon will be offering SiteLock's services through the company's brands, HostHero and UptimeHost to the over 17,000 domains it supports.

"We're really excited about partnering with SiteLock, since they're known to be a heavy hitter with a remarkable reputation in the industry," says HostUpon CEO, Alfez Zelji. "The driving factor for us is the additional security they will bring forward. Website security is a big focus for us, since our clients have always been paramount within our mission. Giving our clients the ability to use SiteLock to enhance website security is the number one priority for our quality, service and overall offering."