How RWD & Hosting Impact Marketing

Getting started in digital marketing can be a daunting task, but before companies think about how to market themselves on social media or in paid search they must get the fundamentals right and that starts with Web design and hosting.

Let's discuss how the two complement your marketing initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Only the most innovative companies survive on the 'Net. How they develop content, their websites and their overall user experience is part of survival as it all impacts how visible a company is on the search engine result pages (SERPs). 

SEO is no longer a free for all, however, as Google and its "competitors" have cleaned up their algorithms to understand what sites deserve first-page listings. Tactics that worked 10 years ago, like buying links, do not work today. 

One of the ways in which Google has shifted its focus to user experience is by ranking mobile-friendly websites higher. Dedicated mobile websites though aren't cutting it anymore and responsive is the way to go for those looking to rank highly. 

If your website is not adaptable to all types of Internet-enabled devices you are headed for big trouble. A responsive website displays identical content on all types of devices. From mobiles, wearables, tablets to PCs your website will appear the same. You get one fluid layout for a multi-screen online experience. 

Why opt for responsive Web design (RWD) and how does it converge with the SEO strategy? Here are some ideas:

1. You are able to optimize your SEO campaigns by relying on a single set of analytics as opposed to having a main website and a mobile-friendly alternative. With the data collected from this single platform you learn about your audience's preferences, shopping behavior among other things to help you build a solid marketing campaign.

2. Uniformity across all your platforms is a plus in your fight for better Google ranking. It is easier for search engines to index your pages and this leads to better ranking on SERPs for a targeted keyword.

3. Increased brand recognition is a key benefit of responsive Web design as your target audience is able to identify with your website on any device. Branding is a key objective in any SEO campaign and with a responsive Web design you will be enhancing your brand's visibility.

4. Instant access and a better user experience is another advantage that a responsive Web design brings to the table. 

Web design is an integral part of any SEO strategy. With an SEO-friendly Web design it is easier to index your page and visitors will enjoy a better user experience. An SEO-friendly Web design is not only easy to navigate but the site architecture is also built from structure with SEO in mind. The links, titles, heading, Meta tags and descriptions are just some of the important aspects when it comes to the Web design for SEO. 

Web Hosting as an SEO Marketing Tool

The Web host you use is as important as the Web design implemented. When it comes to Web hosting most business owners will pick the first host they come across and this triggers a chain reaction ending in dismal failure of the website. A reliable Web host for your website is a must and there can be no compromises. 

Your Web host will directly impact SEO and other strategies because of:

1. Website speeds: Internet users have a short attention span and if your website takes ages to load then you will get accustomed to high bounce rates. The major problem when it comes to site speeds is the host's server. Irrespective of the type of Web hosting package you have bought it is important to test the site speeds and also get a service level agreement (SLA) with the provider. If users are experiencing slow load times then your website will have a poor ranking on search engines.

2. Downtime: User experience is one of the most important ranking factors used by search engines. If your website has a high rate of downtime you can bet your ranking will also take a beating. Search engines will definitely experience the same server errors that users are getting. Search engines are working toward de-ranking unreliable websites and your SEO marketing campaign will have flopped if yours suffers this fate.

3. Customer support: Your Web host should be available around the clock to provide timely resolutions to all problems on your website. When such support is unavailable your rankings will flop and this will ultimately affect your bottom-line.

Web design, Web hosting and SEO marketing converge at a point to increase your visibility online, increase sales conversion and make you an authority in your niche. Make sure you talk to a full-service Web company to get all these services in one package.

About the Author

Tim Dickens is a Web hosting consultant and social media lead working in Miami. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and is always working toward providing ideas on efficient low-cost hosting solutions