Human Error to Blame in AWS Outage

Public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) formally apologized for the service disruption this week which affected its S3 storage service (and many other services) in its Northern Virginia data center region earlier in the week.

The company also detailed steps it is currently taking to prevent similar outages in the future. 

"Finally, we want to apologize for the impact this event caused for our customers. While we are proud of our long track record of availability with Amazon S3, we know how critical this service is to our customers, their applications and end users, and their businesses. We will do everything we can to learn from this event and use it to improve our availability even further," said Amazon in a message about the outage. 

The event was reportedly triggered by human error; that seems to be commonplace as both Gitlab's recent outage and Microsoft Azure outages have been caused by the same.

Where are those robots when you need them?