Future-Proof Hosting >> Media Temple Moves to SSD Technology

LA-based Media Temple announced this week that it has upgraded its hosting platform, dubbed "the Grid," to Solid State Drive (SSD) technology. Media Temple's shared hosting customers will be completely switched to SSDs by the end of January 2014.  

"SSD technology offers multiple benefits that are crucially important to Web developers and website owners, from dramatically enhanced data transfer speed and more up time, to increased reliability and scalability," said Dante Baker, Product Manager at Media Temple. "We are constantly working on delivering high performance to help our customers succeed online, and implementing SSD will provide them with a future-proof environment for their content-rich websites and apps."

Media Temple has also updated the Grid's Operating System to Debian 7.2 and upgraded MySQL 5.0.x to Percona MySQL 5.1.x., thus incorporating the latest bug fixes and security updates. The hosting company has also introduced a new Click-to-Call feature which will enable customers to initiate calls to customer service agents within the Account Center.

"As we continue to improve our customer experience, Click-to-Call allows us to take the traditional customer service phone call to the next level," said TJ Stein, Director of Customer Support at Media Temple. "After initiating a call from the Account Center, customers aren't forced to wait on hold. When the next agent is available, Click-to-Call connects them to the customer along with all their account-related information. No passwords or pin numbers are required."