Quickly React to Your Site's Traffic Variations

In 2017, enterprises typically understand that they have to prepare and monitor their websites for periods of high traffic, yet each holiday season there are reports of countless big-name sites (like Macy's) experiencing downtime - unable to keep up with demand. 

19171-cloudhosting_performance_skalierbar_uk_us 1&1 has announced a flexible Web hosting package that gives customers the opportunity to scale the performance of their Web project to ensure a site's availability and accessibility during periods of high traffic. Business users can select performance levels via a dashboard in the 1&1 Control Panel where customers are shown infographics that summarize the recent performance of their Web project. Depending on the level of traffic, the 1&1 Control Panel  will also recommend adjusting to an optimum performance level.

According to 1&1, even those who are technologically inexperienced can easily adjust their Web project's performance in a few clicks. This enables users to quickly react to visitor growth caused by seasonal variations and also to further expand their website. Most importantly for many customers, 1&1 says, they do not need to change their respective packages to modify performance tiers ( package details can be found here). 

"The demands on Web hosting today are much higher than in the past," Ive Van Riet, head of commercial management Webhosting & MyWebsite, 1&1 Internet SE told Website Magazine. "This is due to the increasing complexity of websites and desire that users have for them to be individually scalable and quickly accessible via mobile or desktop devices.

"This is where we come in with 1&1 Next Level Hosting and the flexibly adaptable performance levels. The performance levels work like checkouts in the supermarket. Imagine standing in a long checkout line in the supermarket, waiting until it is finally your turn to pay. Right next to you there are four more checkouts - unfortunately, they are closed. If all five checkouts served customers, everybody would be finished more quickly. The performance levels work the same way: every level opens a new 'checkout.' With every level more visitors can access the website simultaneously without it becoming slower."