Quiz Time! Web Hosting in Focus

There are few things more important to the success of a digital enterprise than that of Web (and application) hosting.

The companies that provide these essential services offer up the necessary hardware, software and infrastructure (to individuals and enterprises alike) that ultimately make it possible to make a website (or application) accessible on the Internet.

There are numerous considerations today's brands must make when selecting a hosting provider, from price and features, to security and reliability. Hosting comes in a variety of forms (dedicated, shared, virtual managed, etc.) and millions (if not billions) are spent annually to manage enterprises' digital assets through these providers. So why don't more of us know what's happening within the Web hosting industry and how technological developments will impact our brands in the future? There's no one reason of course, but it likely stems from the rapid pace of development and inherent complexity of the required systems.

To help Web professionals up-to-date and in the know with all the latest hosting headlines, technologies and best practices, Website Magazine regularly covers the topic within its Hosting Panel channel at wsm.co/hosting. Before joining us there, discover how much you know right now about the web hosting industry by taking Website Magazine's June Quiz!

1) Amazon Web services (AWS) has what percentage of worldwide share in the cloud market:

a) 78 percent

b) 31 percent

c) 18 percent

d) 56 percent

e) 81 percent

2) The largest website hosting company in the world is...

a) HostGator

b) Network Solutions

c) 1&1 Internet

d) Godaddy

e) Dreamhost

3) What is the average page-load speed for top ecommerce websites?

a) 1.3 seconds

b) 7 seconds

c) 42 seconds

d) 0.4 seconds

e) 23 seconds

4) True or False: HTTP/2 enables servers to send multiple responses in parallel for a single client request.

5) The country with the largest distribution of hosted domains is...

a) China

b) Russia

c) United States

d) India

e) Australia

Answers: (1) b, (2) d, (3) b, (4) True, (5) c