Relationships with Web Hosting Providers

More important than cost, and far more important than features, the actual relationship you have with your web hosting provider on a professional level is a real key to your success. 


The problem for the majority of website owners and managers is that they don't actually have a relationship with their web host at all, at least outside of an irregular support call or perhaps a live chat about billing. That need not be the case and should not be the case for those that take the growth of their Web business seriously. 


Website Magazine interviewed two players in the hosting industry, Ross Brouse of FortressITX and Justin Reynolds of iPage, about how buyers should evaluate hosting vendors, the marketing and development trends shaping the hosting industry, and where these leading web hosting providers are investing for their future success. 


- All About iPage Hosting: Interview with Justin Reynolds


- Interview with Ross Brouse of FortressITX (coming soon)