SSD Technology Now Powering Media Temple's VPS Hosting Solutions

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 13 Nov, 2014

Web hosting and cloud services provider Media Temple has unveiled new upgrades to its Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server hosting solutions.

The new upgrades include all-solid state drive (SSD) storage, increased bandwidth (up to 10 TB) and double the RAM (up to 128 GB). According to Media Temple, the change to SSD technology enables the company to bring fast, responsive and more reliable VPS and Dedicated Server hosting offerings to Web designers, app developers, digital entrepreneurs and creative agencies.

The company also notes that by adding enhanced security and performance features as well as automated backups to its DV hosting solution's existing capabilities for OS and app updates, Media Temple now offers a full suite of hosting services, including self-managed, managed and fully managed plans.

"With this sweeping set of changes, we are now running the gamut of VPS hosting solutions, from self-managed to managed and fully managed," said Brian Kuhn, VP of Product. "All these upgrades enable us to keep our servers at the forefront of performance while giving our customers the extra storage, bandwidth and memory they need with the high availability, flexibility and simplicity they want."