The Popularity of On-Shore Hosting

Pingdom has released a study which explores the percentage of sites with a given country code top-level (ccTLD) domain which are hosted in that particular country. 

According to the Pingdom research, people in Germany, South Korea, and Vietnam were the most likely to choose "onshore web hosting" (hosting your website in the country where you live or conduct business.) Pingdom examined Alexa's top one million sites to determine the percentage of sites per ccTLD that were hosted domestically.

South Korea had 1,750 ccTLDs in the top one million with 97 percent hosted in that country. Vietnam, with 2,260 ccTLDs in the top one million, was a close second with 93 percent of those sites hosted onshore. Germany, with just over 25,000 ccTLDs in the top one million at Alexa had 92 percent, with Japan close on its virtual heels at 91 percent of its 14,188 ccTLD's hosted onshore. 

Pingdom also explored the top 10 ccTLDs in Alexa's top one million sites and found that Russia had 43,000 in total, followed by Germany, United Kingdom (17,558), Brazil (16,991), and Poland (14,235).