Top 50: Web Hosting Providers

As an Internet professional, you have many choices - choices about where marketing and advertising dollars are spent, how the time of personnel involved with social media is invested, and which Web hosting solution is appropriate for your enterprise's digital initiatives.

There are well over 180 million active websites on the 'Net today - and every single one of their owners have to make decisions about the role of Web hosting, and how content is served and information is delivered to a digital audience. The good news for Internet professionals is that there is no shortage of willing and capable providers. Savvy Web workers, however, know the importance of choosing wisely and what to look for in Web hosting.

It's not general availability that today's enterprises need to address and be concerned with alone, it's also speed and the consistency of experience. Companies won't meet consumers' high expectations with a third-tier hosting provider any longer - they need the best and that is just what can be found in this month's list of 50 top Web hosting providers.

The "best" however is, of course, dependent on the type of enterprise being operated. For example, is it a SaaS service that needs to run in the cloud with exceedingly high performance globally? Or is it a five-page brochure style website catering to a niche audience in a small geographic area? Not one of the 180 million active websites is the same; each requires a different hosting solution. Choosing incorrectly in either direction will render your website (and its corresponding digital initiatives) overpowered and wasteful or under-powered and lacking.

Web hosting is arguably one of the most important variables in the success of online efforts, but what is appropriate for your enterprise? Well, 50 of the top vendors listed here are some of the most popular names in the hosting space, not to mention incredibly capable, but they are far from the only ones.

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