Total Hosting Control at FireHost

Managed hosting provider Firehost is offering its customers greater visibility into and control over their server and hosting environment.

Firehost clients are now able to access key server metrics in real time, reviewing how much storage space is being used, how much memory is being used, and if they have enough processor power provisioned to meet their hosting requirements. FireHost has also enhanced its service to provide its customer the ability to reboot and shutdown/startup their servers as needed.

"We broke from the managed hosting tradition when we posted pricing on our website. In the spirit of total transparency, we're now letting clients see their hosting resources. Even more importantly, we're giving them the power to control their Secure Server on the fly," said Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost. "We believe customers should see their actual usage over time and reboot when they want, so they can make decisions to scale up or scale back their hosting as needed."

Joshua Strebel, CEO and founder of goes on to say, "We've had to scale up very quickly and unexpectedly several times since our launch. It's a relief to have such great visibility over our hosting environment, and performing basic functions without contacting a support engineer can really save me time in a pinch. Our IT department analyzes this usage just as routinely as the marketing team reviews website stats. Now, we can budget much more efficiently and on a larger scale."