Webzilla On the Move (Asia, Infinity, & Beyond)

Web hosting company Webzilla is certainly on the move, announcing that it has acquired one of Asia's largest hosting providers in Singoporean company 8 to Infinity (8.to).

Rajesh Kumar Mishra, chief financial officer of XBT Holding LTD (which founded Webzilla in 2005), said:

"With the successful acquisition and integration of these two companies, we are exercising what we see as a clear opportunity for growth in India and Hong Kong. The Asian market has grown immensely in recent years, but the hosting business in Asian countries is not yet up to the standards of the U.S. and Europe, because it's not yet organized. Our goal is to use the Webzilla group's global expertise to provide a similar level of organization and service to customers throughout Asia."

Webzilla recently completed the acquisition of the largest hosting provider in Luxemborg - Server.lu.