Google Maps Gadget: Brick and Mortar Must-Have

As a consumer, you're probably used to seeing something like this on a "directions" page from a brick-and-mortar store: From the east, take route 66, head south on Main St. and so on. That can be a hassle. Worse, for a business owner, it's a barrier for consumers to get to your location.

Google has released a Maps gadget that lets you pre-fill the ending location to a directions search. So, instead of guesswork, all a user needs to do is enter the starting point, and with one click personalize directions to your location. What's more, you can tailor the directions to display a nickname of sorts and pre-fill multiple locations in a drop-down menu. A good example of this is seen on chef Emeril Lagasse's website (pictured). Directions are also available using public transportation.

As a business owner, the more you can do to make it easier for consumers to get in your door, the better. Get the Google Maps Gadget.