Editor's Letter: Hear Them in Context (Website Magazine July 2017)

Long wait times, interruptions in service, incorrect orders or any number of other problems that can go wrong in a brand experience can test even the most patient of consumers.

A company's end-users bring expectations to their interactions with enterprises before, during and after a sale. Failure to meet those expectations at any time can result in phone calls, chats, social posts, emails or communication on any other touchpoint customers choose to contact a company.

In reality, that's the best case scenario - that current or potential customers will contact the business versus never being heard from again (and losing their business as a result). What the Web affords companies, however, is the opportunity to understand users' expectations such as what they want based on who they are, how they have "behaved" in the past, and when and where they are currently accessing the brand.

This is the "context" of their interaction and customers are increasingly expecting enterprises to use this information to improve and personalize their experience and service. After all, a first-time visitor initializing a live chat from their desktop computer at work should experience a much different interaction than a current customer starting a live chat from their mobile phone after hours. Think about how different their needs could be as well as the expectations they bring to that interaction.

It is this idea of context in digital customer service that this month's Website Magazine feature addresses in greater detail, analyzing why a person is contacting a company, where they are contacting them from and how to deliver service that will retain their business. Customer service is a critical opportunity for every digital enterprise and the topics covered here will be informative regardless of the role one fills in their organization.

Digital customer service is not the only topic covered in this July 2017 issue, of course. Our editors and industry contributors share information on following the basic rules of building online trust in digital marketing, the steps retailers need to take to prepare for upcoming general data protection regulation and a more optimal, conversion-friendly approach to designing Web forms.

We encourage you to read through each of the articles enclosed here as the topics will in some way, if not already, impact your role within your digital enterprise.

Best Web Wishes,
Peter Prestipino

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