Your Go-To List for Local Listing Management Tools

Small businesses are at a variety of inherent disadvantages when compared to their well-funded and employee-rich competition.

To help consumers find them easier, many small businesses leverage a variety of local directories to make their Web presence as wide as possible. However, due to a small workforce and little spare time, small businesses must have a way to quickly and easily maintain and edit their listings across the `Net.

Below are a variety of local listings management solutions that small businesses can leverage to help them in this quest.


Small and local business have little spare time on their hands to manage their information on various Web directories. Yext enables these businesses to make changes across more than 90 sites, ranging from country-specific directories like Scoot in the UK and Pages24 in France, to global directories like Yelp and TomTom.

1&1's ListLocal

Those looking for a low maintenance way to improve visibility on the Web should check out ListLocal, a new product from 1&1. ListLocal includes a variety of features like its online checker that evaluates the current online visibility of a business (available to anyone), as well as the ability to manage all listings from one location simultaneously, among other features.

Neustar Localeze

Localeze offers a variety of different services depending on the size of companies. For small businesses, Localeze helps to increase visibility across the `Net by enabling them to update their local listing information on more than 100 local search platforms, navigation systems, mobile applications and directories at the same time.


Unlike large corporations, small businesses must make do with small marketing teams that are responsible for not only getting their message out but also with making sure consumers can easily find them. ReachLocal enables small businesses to optimize and maintain their listings on more than 50 directories.

Data by Acxiom

No matter the size, businesses must have accurate listing information for consumers to find them on the Internet. Data by Acxiom offers two separate plans for small and large businesses. For small businesses Data by Acxiom enables them to update and maintain their information, from business name to URL, and redistribute their information directly with search engines and more than 250 distribution partners.

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