10 API's to Integrate within Your Next Website/Application

To stand out with today's more savvy and sophisticated user, you'll need to push the boundaries and be disruptive when it comes to the experience you provide. Website Magazine pays close attention to news and events related to API's and that's as good a place as any to start. Below you'll find a list of recently updated/released API's that you may want to consider integration with your next website or application.

Advertising: Google's Affiliate Network API enables publishers to look up advertisers and access order and lead transactions. 

Answers: Ask500People's API allows users to vote, create polls and retrive data from the Ask500People website.

Bookmarking: Gimme Bar's API allows developers to access user collections, get user information, post and access collections. 

Social: The Badgeville API allows developers to manage reward programs, access behavior information and manage user information.  

Calendar: Online scheduling and appointment setting service MakePlans enables developers to access and integration the sites services into their sites/apps.  

Education: The API from Blackboard Collaborate enables developers to integrate the services features into any learning management or content management system. 

Tools: Yahoo's Content Analysis API enables users to perform content analysis on text or a URL. The API can extract terms from content and rank them based on their overall importance to content.  

Invoicing: The FetchFlow API enables developers to access client information, create and manage invoices and retrieve estimate information.  

Feed Search: An API from Q-Sensei offers a multi-dimension search and indexing technology to leverage both structured and unstructured data.  

Database: Amazon's DynamoDB (a NoSQL database) API enables developers to create, update and delete tables from a database.  

Media Management: MetaCDN's API supports user account management as well as functions including creating, retrieving, updating and deleting media elements.  

Media Search: The Library of Congress provides access to an image collection that can be incorporated into other apps.