25-Point Landing Page Optimization Review

There are hundreds of variables on landing pages that can be tested (and thousands when tested in tandem) and used to influence visitor conversion. With PPC prices rising and SEO competition increasing daily, developing compelling landing pages is perhaps the most important way to keep costs low and the return on your advertising spend at levels that will keep you in the black. Many marketers are taking aim at this initial user experience and testing elements that are widely seen as the most influential aspects of successful landing pages - here is a list of 25 such elements that should be taking into consideration with any landing page review.


  • Is there a visible call to action; what specific action do you ultimately want the visitor to take? Are there any barriers (such as a secondary call to action) which prevents this?
  • Is contact information readily available (and functional) such as phone, email, chat or a form? If not, can it be moved to a more prominent position or emphasized with more active colors or animation?
  • Is the layout and design consistent from one page to the next? Should a user navigate deeper into your site, are key elements such as contact points, primary navigation, etc, presented in identical areas?
  • Is the pricing of products or services presented clearly to visitors? Are multiple steps required to calculate or even see the price (e.g. only on the checkout page)? Is international pricing presented?
  • Are additional fees such as set-up or administration fees presented?
  • Are products presented clearly? Is a product search feature handy for those looking for more detailed information such as user-guides?
  • Is the availability of products presented and is it monitored?
  • Does the site display delivery options and details for each?
  • Are you able to estimate delivery date? Even including a phrase such as "Delivery within 7-10 days" is a positive reinforcement for users.
  • Are site security seals such as those provided by Thawte or HackerSafe working properly and in a prominent enough position to convey a sense of safety?
  • Is the site-wide return or guarantee info linked to an additional page presented near the actual product?
  • Does the shopping cart you operate allow visitors to "save for later"?
  • Are you actively promoting related products on landing pages?
  • Is the image that you are using to present the product appealing (artistic, clear, etc.)?
  • Are images described in a way that influences visitors to make a purchase? 
  • Can the product be enhanced by presented multiple image views?
  • Is a product description present and detailed enough to satisfy the curiosity of visitors?
  • Are product details and specifications presented or could this information be improved or modified with additional information? Does the content emphasize quality and trust?
  • Does the landing page feature customer reviews of products? Can the information be presented in a more prominent position?
  • If there are multiple products which are similar in nature, is a section of the landing page designated to provide visitors a comparison?
  • Can users print the page? Is there a separate CSS file which creates a paper output that properly reflects the landing page and includes key elements such as (price and
    shipping cost, contact information, customer reviews, images and similar products?
  • Is the "Add To Cart" or "Buy Now" button in close proximity to the actual product or is it difficult to find?
  • Is there a secondary button to add products to a cart?
  • Are product categories standardized?
  • On the whole, is the page free of clutter? Are there elements that can be (tested) and potentially removed?