3 Examples of Wild Web Creativity

From reviewing landing pages for best practices to researching new companies, our editors visit a lot of websites each day. Every now and again a website element or two catches our attention (in a positive manner).

Here are a few of those cases:

Real-World Animation
It's becoming less of a novelty for animation of some sort to activate as a user scrolls down a Web page. What is less used, however, is when that animation pertains to how the product or service works in the real world. Instapage, for example, mimics how a person will actually use its Landing Page Builder - showing how non-technical users can customize their projects. See it in action here
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"The First Law of Website Motion," which is a look at 10 different Web animation opportunities. 
An Interactive Feature
If there is a calculator, quiz, guided-help tool or some other interactive feature that can be built for your audience, build it. In some cases they introduce your brand to new audiences (who arrived with the purpose of using your feature) and in other cases they help current audiences better understand your brand or help them arrive to a personalized decision (think of a quiz for their best vacation spot for a travel company).

CoSchedule, for example, created a free tool for website visitors to better optimize their social posts based on the company's datasets of what works best - providing a score and advice. CoSchedule wisely takes advantage of people coming to use the free tool by promoting its product (see right panel in the screenshow below). 

Fill in the Blank

Not sure what the best word is to use for your value proposition? Why not try multiple words? Ptengine, for example, erases the last word of a sentence on its homepage to fill in different ones. Heatmaps show you how to boost... conversions, sales, leads, subscribers.
While there are many (many) examples of creativity on the Web, these three caught our attention recently and are worthy of a share to inspire you to push the digital envelope.