4 Companies You Didn't Know Worked In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hot topics starting 2017 - and for good reason.

The growing popularity of machine learning, for example, is its unlimited capacity to learn from data sources (user actions, customer behaviors, human overwrites, FAQs, etc.), apply those updates and then carry out tasks (AI) on their own. 

Despite the upward tick in interest around the terms (see Google search data), however, many companies have leveraged machine learning and AI in some capacity for years. 

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Website Magazine caught up with four companies working in AI to learn more about their offerings. Take a look at summaries of each company below and click on corresponding links to access Q&As with each.

- Feedvisor uses machine learning algorithms to help third-party Amazon sellers remain competitive in the marketplace. Their revenue intelligence informs sellers in real-time what's the best price for profit for each individual item.   

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- Sprout Social is known for its social media management and analytics tools, but they've also developed a chatbot that helps social customer service agents respond to inbound messages more quickly, accurately and completely.

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- Rubikloud provides machine intelligence for enterprise retailers. Their cloud-based decision management tools take retailers' loyalty programs and large scale promotions to the next level by providing highly curated shopping experiences.

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- Episerver helps companies deliver more personalized digital experiences, and the key to fulfilling that goal is big data. In turn, machine learning algorithms use that data to prompt everything from personalized Web content to unique navigation and individual product recommendations to each site visitor.  

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