5 Cool Tools for Web Professionals (and Amateurs)


As we prepare our next feature story for Website Magazine -- a guide to successful Web startups -- we have been doing some research for online tools that can help businesses get a good head start or keep tabs on the industry. Below are five resources you might not be familar with. From a Twitter tool to an innovative way to solicit user feedback, these should help any Web enterprise today and to plan for the future.


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TweetNest Tweet Nest - A browse-able, searchable, and customizable solution to backup/archive tweets is a useful way to turn back the Twitter clock. The best part might just be that the application is free and can be run from your own server (PHP 5.2 and MySQL required).
Clue App Clue: A very interesting, free Web-based application that provides a way to ask people about what they remember about your website. Create a memory test with the Clue app and capture some valuable information on users' first impressions of your site.
Huddler Huddler: A fully-supported SaaS platform, Huddler works with existing online discussion forum sites to integrate product reviews, wiki articles, image galleries and blogs to help increase community engagement and create a unified platform.
iFeelGoods iFeelGoods: Help retailers replace traditional promotions and incentives such as coupons and discounts with virtual goods and virtual currencies for a wide range of social games and networks.
Klaggle Klaggle: Offers retailers and online sellers a way to improve their businesses (engage visitors, keep them on site and drive revenue by accelerating user buying behavior) by providing access to online product review content.