5 Reasons To Attend International Ecommerce Day 2016

by Sponsor 10 May, 2016

There is a big issue ecommerce companies face nowadays.

The ecommerce market is highly competitive, and the margins are low.

This implies that after two years of activity in online, ecommerce companies need to change their strategies if they want to remain competitive. Studies show that retention becomes more important than acquisition as the company grows.

In this context, it becomes clear that marketers should spend a good part of their budget on conversion and retention, rather than on advertising. Though, the majority of the companies in all industries spent almost $60 billion on digital advertising last year. Also, 50% of respondents surveyed by ConversionXL this year declared that conversion is not mentioned specifically in their marketing budget.

Ecommerce companies need conversions, not only traffic. Agree?

To learn how to improve your website to convert more of your traffic into customers and how to retain them in the long run, register to International Ecommerce Day.

International Ecommerce Day 2016 is a virtual conference for ecommerce marketers and managers, conversion optimization pros and ecommerce business owners. During a full day of keynotes, over 15 international speakers like Chris Goward, Brian Massey, and Sujan Patel will present the latest trends in ecommerce marketing. Because it's live streamed, you can engage with the speakers anytime with just a few clicks.

In this post, I will show you five good reasons to attend International Ecommerce Day 2016.

Ready? Let's go!

1. You keep up with the latest trends in the industry

It's not enough to get impressions, clicks, and links to your website. To create a successful marketing campaign, no matter the type, you have to over-deliver to your prospects and customers. To be able to do that, you need a deep understanding of how technology affects their behavior and how can it help you as a marketer to personalize their experience and make them love your brand.

Besides technology, another valuable marketing assets are the strategies and tactics that you use. The thought-leaders in optimization and ecommerce will show you how to use modern marketing strategies to achieve your goals.

2. You get access to 20+ speakers in a live event

You don't have to travel miles to see the thought leaders in optimization and ecommerce speaking. You can listen to interactive talks from the comfort of your office or home.

You will be able to access the top speakers with a few clicks. Each session has a Q&A at the end where you can use a live chat to discuss with everyone involved in the presentation. Here are just a few of the topics that speakers at eComm Day will approach:

Chris Goward, CEO at WiderFunnel, will show you why the future of ecommerce belongs to optimizers, those marketers who measure and test everything on their websites.

Talia Wolf, CEO at Banana Splash, will talk about how to optimize your website for mobile traffic. Dave Chaffey, CEO at Smart Insights, will present you the landscape of ecommerce marketing technology and how you should choose the right tools for your business.

See the full agenda at the official International Ecommerce Day 2016 website.

3. You can attend for free

Besides the fact that you don't have to travel and pay for accommodation and tickets, you can attend the event for free. For less money, you can enjoy all the benefits that offline conferences offer: insightful keynotes, Q&A sessions, interactive breaks, and the chance to engage with the attendees via a live chat.

4. You get access to a marketing tools bundle

Attending the event will give you the chance to buy marketing tools at a special price. The organizers offer a $4,000 worth tools bundle. The promotional offers are available only for eComm Day attendees, and it includes conversion optimization tools like Marketizator and other marketing technology tools to help you improve your website and business.

5. You can download information from the speakers and the organizers

You will be able to download information from the organizers and the speakers. You'll get on-demand webinars, one page PDFs, presentations, and others. All to help you become a better marketer from the comfort of your home or office.

There are a few days and seats left. Make sure to save your spot now.

Register NOW to International Ecommerce Day 2016!