4 Ways to Bring Product Images to Life

One of a merchant's many goals is to make the online buying experience resemble "real life."

While there are many ways to do this, the most effective is to optimize the product page with the right combination of high-quality and well-lit images. Product pages that offer multiple images as well as magnifying capabilities (so shoppers can easily inspect the finest details of a product) are also poised to provide consumers with a more realistic shopping experience.

To further merge the online and offline experiences, however, retailers should consider leveraging virtual fitting room technology, such as the four solutions featured below:


Fits.Me offers both virtual fitting room and size recommendation technology. For starters, the company's virtual fitting room technology enables shoppers to enter their measurements and try on different sizes of apparel with a virtual representation of their own body. The solution also displays notifications to let shoppers know if an item may fit too tight or too loose in certain areas.

Fits.Me's Fit Advisor technology, on the other hand, is a size recommendation solution that takes into account how a shopper wants to wear a wear a specific item, in order to recommend a size. This solution is ideal for retailers with wide, shallow stock that may sell out quickly as well as multi-brand retailers. It is important to note that both solutions can be deployed together.

True Fit

True Fit, which is leveraged by top brands like Nordstrom, Macy's and Guess, enables online shoppers to create their own True Fit profile complete with measurement information so that merchants can deliver a personalized shopping experience. The solution can be leveraged to indicate how well a specific item will fit in key body areas as well as to filter a site to prioritize the shopper's best fitting styles. Plus, True Fit can also be used to provide repeat buyers with recommendations based on purchasing history, which can have a positive impact on conversions and customer loyalty.

Clothes Horse

Clothes Horse helps shoppers determine the right size when shopping online. Shoppers are required to enter measurements like height, weight and waist size, as well as other details like the brand and size of their favorite fitting shirt. Then, Clothes Horse offers personalized size recommendations and details about the potential fit so consumers can make informed purchasing decisions. According to the company, implementing Clothes Horse can help retailers not only increase sales and customer loyalty, but also decrease returns.


Similar to the other solutions mentioned here, FitFyle customers are required to fill out some basic information, such as height, weight, the brand and size of apparel that they already own in order to receive size and fit recommendations. Once that information is entered, a customer's recommended size will appear on all product pages. It is important to note that FitFyle works with all major apparel product categories, including pants, dress shirts, dresses and T-shirts. Moreover, FitFyle offers a custom API that can be integrated into any ecommerce store, and is also available as an integration widget for popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon Webstore, Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify.