8 Cool Web Tools in Focus

New technologies are introduced on the Web every day. While some end up being huge successes, others are quickly deemed duds.

The following are a few of the coolest solutions, services and tools that the digerati (yes, that's a thing - but don't tell anyone) have been discussing, sharing among themselves and beta testing until their fingers have grown numb from clicking  - and you get a sneak peek.

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QWILR Ad Spend CalculatorA very interesting tool to determine lifetime customer value (LTV), customer acquisition costs (CAC) and what it costs if you want to pay advertisers for each signup.

DenoteA simple way to add a site search function to a website or mobile app. Denote offers analytics, custom search results (inclusion/exclusion rules) and a developer API for those with advanced demands.

Font Face Ninja A browser extension that enables designers to find out what font is being used on a website.

WorkHubA "cloud working" service for outsourcing small action tasks (classifying, extracting, verifying, collecting) that require a large number of people to perform/complete.

SupportYardA Web application that converts all inbound email requests into simple tickets and their replies and keeps them organized in one place.

AppMindAn app store optimization (ASO) solution that enables users to search for any app's active keywords, track search positions, analytics compeitors and receive real-time email notifications about rankings.

Email Footer AppA very handy Chrome extension that extends Gmail by allows users to include custom footer templates to emails quickly.

Shepherd: Guide users through a tour of your app with this javascript library (which uses open source library Tether) to position all of its steps - which ensures steps never end up off screen or cropped by an overflow). Works in IE9+ and all modern browsers.