9 Webinar Solutions to Know (And Love)

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 01 Aug, 2014

Hosting a webinar can offer many benefits to a business, from lead-generation to brand awareness.

Before a business can reap these benefits, however, marketers must first choose a webinar solution to help them run their events. Fortunately, marketers can start the decision-making process by checking out nine webinar solutions to know - and love - below.

Get to Know: Adobe Connect for Webinars
What to Love: With Adobe Connect for Webinars, businesses can create customized event pages, pre record content for live replay and have the ability to monitor event activity in real time with a backstage dashboard. Plus, attendees can access the webinar from mobile devices and desktops.

Get to Know: Fuze
What to Love:
Fuze supports 12 HD video conference streams and up to 250 participants. The platform also allows for group collaboration, offers annotation tools for cloud content and whiteboards and works on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Get to Know: GoToWebinar
What to Love:
GoToWebinar offers features for the entire webinar experience, from a hosted registration page to post-webinar reports. In addition, GoToWebinar offers HD video conferencing, desktop sharing, drawing tools and enables attendees to raise their hands during presentations to ask questions.

Get to Know: INXPO
What to Love:
INXPO offers webcasting for businesses, which enables users to create live and on-demand presentations. The platform supports screen sharing and video, as well as offers interactive tools like chat, polling, surveys and Q&A.

Get to Know: Join.Me
What to Love:
With Join.Me, businesses can launch virtual meetings with up to 250 participants. The solution also enables hosts to hand over the presenter role to any participant so they can broadcast their screen with full control.

Get to Know: Saba
What to Love:
Saba helps businesses create and launch online events. Not only does the company offer webinar management tools, but it also provides tools for screen sharing and chat during the webinar. It is also important to note that the platform supports up to 3,000 attendees.

Get to Know: TalkPoint
What to Love:
TalkPoint offers a self-service webcasting solution called Convey. With this solution, users can create and run webcasts in just five steps. The webcast can be viewed and managed on both desktops and mobile devices, and enables users to invite 50 to 1,000 participants to the webcast.

Get to Know: VConferenceOnline
What to Love:
With VConferenceOnline's webcast solution, businesses can create, record and broadcast their virtual events. Through the platform, businesses can create custom registration pages, send event email blasts and use live chat to interact with attendees.

Get to Know: Webinars OnAir
What to Love:
Webinars OnAir is a webinar solution for Google+ Hangouts. The platform offers one-click webinar registration as well as enables users to set up recurring events. Plus, users also have the ability to share offers with attendees, which can help businesses increase conversions directly from their virtual events.