Adblock Plus Journeys to Internet Explorer

Much to the chagrin of advertisers, browser extensions are available to block banner ads on webpages, video ads on YouTube and ads on Facebook.

The most popular of these offerings, Adblock Plus, is now available on Internet Explorer. Adblock Plus for IE is an add-on for Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, which adds functions that Internet Explorer's built-in tracking protection and InPrivate filtering don't provide.

Adblock Plus also blocks advertisers from tracking user-browsing habits and lets surfers be on the Web anonymously. And finally, Adblock Plus can be configured to block domains known to spread malware, therefore protecting computers against spyware, adware and other threats.

"We have been available for years on Firefox, Chrome, Android and Opera, but we could no longer ignore Internet Explorer users," said Till Faida, managing director of Adblock Plus and the open-source project that supports it. If we want to change the world, we need to support one of the largest Web browser communities in that world, and that that's still IE.

"Our goal is to 'make the Internet better for everyone' by encouraging websites to run user-friendly, responsible advertisements instead of intrusive banners, overlays, and pop-ups. Users can still opt to white-list certain sites, but we created Adblock Plus to give every user control over which kinds of ads they are willing to accept, and then we block all the rest."

Get Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer 

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