AI Adoption By Marketers is Limited

Artificial intelligence appears to be too complicated for today's digital marketers. 

AI marketing platform Adgorithms released data from a Forester commissioned study that measures marketers perceptions of artificial intelligence as it relates to marketing, marketing technology and widely-known industry challenges. 

The Adgorithms study revealed that marketers' lack of understanding of AI-driven marketing might be influencing the rate of its adoption. This is illustrated by the fact that over 40% of participants in the study said they thought they had already adopted AI-driven marketing, reflecting a belief that their targeting capabilities and automation meant that AI was operating behind the scenes according to Adgorithms.

It appears marketers are also unable to delineate between targeted campaign efforts and true contextual marketing (relevant, personalized advertising and marketing based on insights gathered from relationships, and historical and situational context with customers) according to the study.

"We believe the results of this study confirm many of the trends we're witnessing in the marketplace, but we were surprised by the root causes of common marketing challenges," said Amy Inlow, CMO of Albert.

"The common denominators driving these challenges were marketers' willful lack of knowledge about the tools they're working with and the tools available to them. As a result, they continue to be plagued by technological complexities, unreliable insights, and a lack of control."