Analyze Complex Data for Better Omnichannel Performance

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 23 Nov, 2015

RichRelevance has teamed up with search-driven analytics provider ThoughtSpot to help retailers analyze complex data and derive new value from omnichannel personalization.

Through the partnership, ThoughtSpot integrates its technology with the independent Relevance Cloud platform to provide a complete personalization solution for large retailers. In fact, the partnership enhances the Relevance Cloud with new analytics technology to help retailers gauge the impact and effectiveness of personalization and modify omnichannel programs for maximum performance.

"RichRelevance is bringing the best third-party technology into the independent Relevance Cloud personalization platform," said RichRelevance CEO Eduardo Sanchez. "ThoughtSpot, our newest partner in this effort, strengthens the Relevance Cloud with a new breed of intuitive and responsive business intelligence. Using our platform, retailers can understand and improve complex omnichannel efforts to match their own specific requirements."

it is important to note that Relevance Cloud business users can search to analyze complex omnichannel data (online, offline, on-premise, CRM, third-party) through an intuitive search interface similar to consumer search engines. Plus, the integration allows companies to cut through marketing and data silos to access personalization data, understand KPIs by channel, campaign and program, as well as to orchestrate more effective omnichannel programs.

"With Relevance Cloud and ThoughtSpot, business users can easily access omnichannel data - generated by consumers, retailers and third parties- from a simple search interface," said Ajeet Singh, co-founder and CEO, ThoughtSpot. "The result is analytics at human scale that instantly provide answers to everyone in a retail organization about the value and effectiveness of personalization."