New SmartAgent Feature Has All the Answers

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 23 May, 2012

A new feature of UpSellit's SmartAgent platform is designed to help merchants reduce their site's abandonment rates, as well as better understand and address complex customer questions.

Prior to the Compound Recognition Engine integration, SmartAgent could only identify and respond to one customer question at a time. When a customer's input contained multiple topics, SmartAgent would identify the best match and provide one automated chat response.

However, the Compound Recognition Engine enables SmartAgent to recognize and address multiple topics of a customer's inquiry, resulting in increased response accuracy, improved customer experience and a lift in conversions.

"Over the years, we've noticed a direct correlation between our SmartAgent's accuracy and the customer recovery rate," says UpSellit CTO and co-founder Chris Wampler. "We are constantly expanding our clients' custom knowledge bases to improve accuracy, but the Compound Recognition Engine has proven to instantly increase accuracy and enhance customer experience across all campaigns. During our Compound Recognition BETA test, we noticed a 2.2-percent average lift in recovered conversions and about a 13-percent increase in SmartAgent response accuracy."

SmartAgent is also customizable, with users being able to control how SmartAgent interacts with site visitors. Depending on the desired customer experience, marketers can choose to either offer the single most relevant response followed by links to the additional responses, or to send a series of responses to each of the customer's questions.