AOL Creates an Open Marketplace for Video

AOL is making a rather significant move in the video space, acquiring Vidible, a cross-screen video management and exchange platform for digital media buyers and sellers.

AOL currently boasts some dominance in the video content management and syndication space, but this acquisition is expected to further its leadership position. With the acquisition, AOL adds a video content exchange that will plug into its monetization platform.

"AOL is focused on transforming the digital media environment by creating an open marketplace for video," said Dermot McCormack, President of AOL Video and Studios. "We are thrilled to welcome the Vidible team to AOL as we accelerate our mission of providing our partners the platform and tools they need to better create, curate, syndicate and monetize their content across the globe. "

Vidible offers a self-service set of tools and exchange capabilities with for content creators and publishers, who use the platform to expand distribution reach and increase monetization options of their video content. Publishers in need of videos for their sites can also use Vidible to source and manage content. Vidible's content exchange offers over 300,000 videos, adding to AOL's existing library of 1 million videos.