App Publishers Increasingly Turn to Offer Walls to Monetize

As app developers continue having a difficult time monetizing their user base, some interesting technologies are finally beginning to gain some traction.


Performance advertising network Adscend Media, for example, recently released an offer wall solution that offers publishers an opportunity to provide users an ad-sponsored alternative to paying for virtual goods, services and perks - which is ideal for game developers.


The rewards-based system, known as AdWall, allows users to complete advertisers' offers in order to earn credits. Each offer that a user completes also earns the publisher a commission. Earned credits can be redeemed for virtual goods from a publisher, such as in-app/in-game items, virtual currency, perks, account upgrades, games and other virtual rewards, according to the company. AdWall technology tracks user credit history and progress toward virtual rewards. Often, completing offers in order to earn rewards requires no financial commitment from the user.


Adscend Media CEO Fehzan Ali promises easy configuration and deployment of AdWall for publishers, thanks to one-click setup, a simple customization wizard and automatic geo-targeting - in addition to desktop to mobile offer completion functionality.


"We have seen user interaction with our high-engagement ads be a powerful force in generating strong leads in our previous content monetization products, and we expect AdWall to be able to quickly generate quality leads for our advertising partners as well," stated Ali.


There are, of course, numerous other offerwall technology providers. Some of the most popular vendors on the market today include TapJoy, Everbadge, TrialPay, NativeX, SuperRewards, and Fyber (formerly Sponsorpay).