AppMakr Upgrades to Full iOS 4

Self-service application creation platform AppMakr announced an upgrade which features full iOS 4 compatibility and adds some interesting advanced CSS and JavaScript customization capabilities. 

Advanced users can now insert JavaScript code and CSS styling into specific feeds within their apps. The upgrade will enables publishers to create apps with custom actions, content behaviors and styling that they have full control over.

"We have a lot of advanced AppMakr users that are creating highly customized apps and this was an upgraded feature that we've heard a lot of requests for," said Isaac Mosquera, PointAbout's Chief Technical Officer and a Co-Founder. "We're looking forward to seeing some of the engaging user experiences that our publishers will be able to create with this new level of control and capabilities!"

AppMakr has also added Millennial media as one of its mobile advertising options that application creators can integration to monetize their creations.