Baynote and Monetate Announce Partnership

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 15 Sep, 2011

A new partnership between Baynote and Monetate aims at creating a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for site visitors, while also improving conversions for ecommerce brands.

The new partnership, between Baynote, a provider of ecommerce personalization solutions, and Monetate, a provider of testing, targeting and personalization solutions for websites, integrates Baynote's personalized product recommendations with Monetate's testing and targeting solutions.

The partnership gives ecommerce companies the ability to test how product recommendation information is displayed while ensuring that recommendations are relevant and based on visitor's real time interests.

"Monetate's testing and targeting platform combined with Baynote's product recommendations have enabled us to provide a truly personalized online shopping experience to our customers that is making a significant impact on increasing conversions, sales, and site revenue," says Holly Devine, Director of Ecommerce, Urban Outfitters.

The partnership provides online retailers with a platform that helps with marketing and website improvement. It delivers the top recommendations for the best spots on websites. The platform compares results from different personalized on-site search configurations and helps the understanding of how to optimize landing pages, which are both improvements that can have a major impact on revenues and operating margins.

"Creating the best kind of site experience for visitors that is also optimized for conversions does not happen through intuition; it comes from ongoing strategic improvement and testing," says Monetate founder and CEO David Brussin. "Each customer is unique, and Monetate and Baynote are working together to help online retailers determine the best way to reach them on an individual level in a way that will increase engagement and conversions."