Better Communication for B2B Enterprises

It can be difficult for sales teams to connect with prospects nowadays. Not only is it common for phone calls to go unanswered, but it is also a challenging task to grab prospects' attention via email, as the inbox can be a very noisy place.

This is where Tellwise and Smart Messages come into play. Tellwise is a cloud-based sales acceleration platform that automates managing and tracking of sales leads through the entire lifecycle. With the company's Smart Messages technology, buyers and sellers can communicate more effectively and efficiently. This is because Smart Messages can be delivered to the inbox, but when a buyer interacts with that message they are directed to a new personalized environment where they can communicate with the seller in real-time on both desktops and mobile devices. In fact, Tellwise CEO Conrad Bayer notes that Smart Messages essentially create a real-time collaboration environment for buyers that can run alongside email.

"The buying process from lead-gen to close has many phases and requirements for both buyers and sellers that increasingly can't be tackled efficiently by email alone," said Conrad Bayer, Tellwise CEO. "Sellers must better manage large numbers of customers, run campaigns, use analytics to understand engagement, and provide real-time collaboration when the buyer gets closer to making the purchase decision. Tellwise addresses this range of communication requirements and delivers a simple multi-device experience for the buyer."

It is important to note that sellers can add as many prospects as they want to Smart Messages, as well as share and collaborate on documents within the Smart Message environment. Moreover, Tellwise provides users with rich analytics, including the ability for sellers to see when the buyer is online and what content the buyer has interacted with and/or viewed. Plus, Tellwise automatically connects with Salesforce, which enables ongoing tracking, analysis and reporting for sales teams.