Better Mobile and 1st Position Bids with Simulator Tools

Google recently introduced a new bid adjustment simulator for mobile bids in AdWords as well as a new first-page bid estimates. 

Optimizing bids can be cumbersome and can take a great deal of effort to achieve performance targets. The two new tools should enable advertisers to set better mobile and first-position bids. 

The mobile bid adjustment simulator shows how changing a mobile bid adjustment could affect impressions, clicks and spend. The simulator will show estimated impact for both mobile bid adjustment increases and decreases. Here's how it might work (according to Google): 

"Let's say you have a 20% mobile bid adjustment and drove 1,150 mobile clicks over the last 7 days as a result. Using the mobile bid adjustment simulator, you can see that setting a 50% mobile bid adjustment might have generated an estimated 1,600 clicks on mobile devices -- that's 39% more mobile clicks and 450 more visitors to your website!"

Google has also added first-position bid estimates to complement the existing first-page estimates and top-of-page estimates. The estimate shows the bid (likely) needed for an ad to be shown in the first position on the first page of results.