Boost Your Contextual Relevancy with AudienceScience & Grapeshot

Donna Meloni
by Donna Meloni 16 Jan, 2023

Advertisers and agencies using the AudienceScience programmatic platform will now be able to target web pages and mobile applications in 30 languages based upon contextual relevancy thanks to a new partnership with Grapeshot.

AudienceScience has previously offered contextual targeting capabilities with English language support, using the content of a page or mobile application to decide which ad impressions to purchase. With Grapeshot's contextual targeting data set, however, AudienceScience customers can increase the reach and relevancy of their campaigns by delivering ads to consumers in contextually relevant environments and do so regardless of the users location. Advertisers will be able to apply pre-bid contextual targeting classifications across IAB content categories and analyze the performance of their campaigns by targeted contextual categories thanks to the integration.

"As media consumption fragments, advertisers are looking for as many signals as possible to help them deliver their messages to their desired audience," said Tim Barnes, chief product officer at AudienceScience. "While many advertisers are making use of behavioral signals, as well as their own first-party data, contextual targeting is another powerful tool that can help them match their ads to the best consumers. Grapeshot's segments will be instrumental in helping advertisers leverage this capability with both scale and precision."

Grapeshot has actually announced numerous integrations and partnerships over the past few months. The technology company integrated with digital identity company Drawbridge, as well as SpongeCell, a provider of programmatic creative technology, and video ad platform VideoAmp.