Cashing in on Calls

If you think consumers have forgotten their smartphones make calls, you would be wrong - and investors are finding ways to cash in on calls made to businesses.

CallRail, an Atlanta-based call tracking and analytics solution, announced a $75 million growth equity investment from firms Sageview Capital and Leaders.

near-meIn a time of email, live chat, messaging apps and customer service tweets, the on-demand capabilities that calls still provide should not go unnoticed. A 2016 report from BIA/Kelsey, for example, predicts that calls will continue to grow in volume with trends such as the on-demand economy and millennial behavior. BIA/Kelsey further reports that while mobile calls to businesses totaled 85 billion annually in 2016, that number is set to grow to 169 billion by 2020.

With Internet-fueled expectations of being able to track conversions and other key metrics, businesses will need an analytics partner to determine the who, what, why and how calls are converting (or not).

"CallRail is very well positioned as a market leader within the rapidly expanding call analytics category," said Dean Nelson, partner at Sageview Capital. "Mobile device proliferation and the growing importance of digital advertising have made call tracking and analytics absolutely essential for businesses of all sizes.

"CallRail's ease of implementation, intuitive user interface, and compelling customer ROI make the product a must-have for many thousands of businesses across the world, from local merchants to large multi-national organizations. We look forward to partnering with the CallRail team as they continue to build and deliver innovative solutions to a growing roster of happy customers."

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