Check Out My Deals Magazine from WhereYouShop

Chicago-based WhereYouShop, a deals site serving both national and local deals throughout chicagoland and suburbs, has just released its Winter 2011 issue. And yes, hard copy magazine.

WhereYouSHop entered the publishing business with its first issue of My Deals Magazine in September 2011 and has been actively distributing them to deal seekesr in Chicagoland shopping malls. The initial issue featured over 30 deals arranged by region but this Winter 2011 edition features more than 70.

The deals site's magazine actually features three different issues: one for subscribers who claim the North/Northwest/City regions as within their shopping areas; one for subscribers in the West/City regions; and one for subscribers in the South/Southwest/City regions.
WhereYouShop has also added Deal Codes to help subscribers purchase deals by phone or online.

Featured savings in the current Winter 2011 issue include deals on salon services, art classes, music lessons, apparel, food, cleaning services, photography packages, gym memberships, bootcamp classes and more.