Streamline Digital Campaign Management with clickBakers

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 17 Feb, 2015

A new Web-based traffic management platform is helping online marketers maximize their profits.


The platform, dubbed clickBakers, is designed to help online marketers get the most revenue from every click with advanced traffic tracking, filtering, smart segmentation and post-click targeting. ClickBakers aims to streamline digital campaign management for all traffic owners, online publishers, affiliates, media buyers and ad networks regardless of vertical.


The platform's Web tracking technology identifies inbound sources by all available parameters, including geo, type of traffic (mobile, tablet, desktop, IPTV), type of connection (WiFi or carrier), carrier's IP range device, operating system and other custom criteria. According to the company, the platform is ideal for online marketers who are looking for an easy to use solution that is quick to set up and provides deeper targeting capabilities.


"Especially in the heavily fragmented mobile traffic market, having an advanced tracking and filtering tool enabling to easily identify click variables and route traffic to the right destination, whether it is a mobile web offer with carrier billing or an Android app, is the key to success," Peter Parnican, clickBakers' head of product management. "Our solution not only combines tracking, segmentation and targeting in one place, but allows to flexibly test and optimize campaigns to achieve maximum conversions or ad revenue from hidden traffic opportunities."


It is important to note that to mark the launch of the platform, clickBakers is currently offering a discounted promotional rate for the first month of usage for new customers who sign up in the month of February.


"We believe the key to online conversion process is smart targeting as a result of precise filtering, and that's exactly why clickBakers was born - to ease out the advanced targeting with automated tools, so campaign managers and traffic owners can focus on improving conversion process," said Parnican.