CoffeeCup Web Typography Pack

It should come as no surprise that the type of font designers choose plays a major role in the effectiveness of content. CoffeeCup has developed a solid little Web typography tool called Website Font that allows designers to use any font on a website. This means that those amazingly obscure type faces that appeared in your wireframe won't appear as Arial or worse, Times New Roman. Pretty cool, huh? It's definitely something to look into.

The Web Typography Pack offered by CoffeeCup is a special compilation of pretty much everything you need to dress up the text on a website. The package includes Website Font 4.0, 30 free fonts, a PDF on Web typography, an sIFR Font Maker (which lets designers create their own fonts - and is open-source by the way), and Direct FTP (a tool to upload your cool new fonts) for the price of $45.

I've been a big fan of CoffeeCup for a long time, and it is one of the tools I recommend to those just getting started designing websites.