Collaborative Data Science for R Data Scientists

If you're like a majority of data scientists, R is the programming language and software environment you choose for all of your statistical computing (and graphics) needs.

As the popularity of R rises there is increasing demand for tools and solutions to make the most of the opportunity. 

Enterprise data science platform provider, for example, has announced a partnership with open source software solution RStudio, to bring the collaborative features of its platform to teams that work with the programming language R. 

RStudio makes that work easier with both enterprise and open source tools, including its flagship enterprise integrated development environment (IDE) RStudio Server Pro and the web application framework Shiny. With the RStudio integration, customers will be able to write and run code in RStudio and benefit from the platform other notable features including its on-demand infrastructure, pre-configured environments, and secret management.

"The Platform is designed to support the tools your team already relies on, like RStudio's popular and robust offerings for R users," said CSO William Merchan.

"We're excited to announce our partnership with the RStudio team, which not only means the Platform integrates with RStudio's products, but that we can jointly offer support to the data science teams that love them."