Conversational Marketing Requires Big Data

There is more pressure than ever for digital marketing departments to measure performance and optimize the total marketing mix. To do that you'll need access to some robust analytics of course; fortunately, there's no shortage of solutions to make this digital dream a reality.

Case in point, Neolane, which provides a conversational marketing platform, has released a new version of its marketing analytics product which it hopes will do just that. And it's doing it all with access to big (and better) data.

While there is no shortage of marketing paltforms which provide some level of data, what may make Neolane's updated solution potentially appealing is that it aims to empower marketers to optimize, excute and monitor their own campaigns without requiring a "Data Scientist or employing additional help from IT departments;" something which you're probably all too familiar with.

"With Neolane Marketing Analytics, we are offering unique data analysis features for marketers to address the emergence of Big Data and have a better understanding of their customers' behavior," stated Stephane Dehoche, president and CEO, Neolane.

"Most of our clients have dramatically increased their productivity and are now measuring their customers' reactions in real-time. Marketers are therefore empowered to effectively use data and deliver personalized cross-channel experiences."