Correlate App Activity with Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marin Software has released a feature that will allow advertisers to correlate mobile app installs (and in-app activity) to their search, display, and social ad campaigns.

Through partnerships with mobile app analytics providers AppsFlyers and Kochava, customers of Marin will now be able to identify the influence online ads have on mobile app usage. The increased visibility can help advertisers to better optimize the mobile customer acquisition funnel by attributing mobile acquisition campaigns to high-value customers and identifying effective customer acquisition sources.

"At Arena Media, we use AppsFlyer for our customers because the technology provides us with the ability to split traffic by device. This is significant because we can now drive desktop traffic as well as App installs from the same ad," said Vilma Grosberga, senior search manager at Arena Media (Havas Media Group). "Integrating AppsFlyer with Marin enabled us to bring all data points into a single view, allowing our clients to obtain extremely important efficiencies in performance and campaign management."