Creating an Engaging Website 101

Chirag Leuva
by Chirag Leuva 13 Nov, 2014

Never underestimate the importance of an attractive and personalized website. The attention span of Web users has been waning day by day. One needs to take advantage of various elements for keeping their interest in every possible way. The first step to preserving the interest is the appealing design and some useful and informative content.

Here are some important steps for making the website more engaging to visitors and for boosting your online presence.

Stick With a Modern Website Design

A professional looking website goes a long way in attracting visitors. Make it visually appealing with a modern website design. Each element on the site should serve a purpose too.

A site should balance the design with a great deal of content so that users who are interested will get a whole lot of info about your services in an appealing manner. Do not confuse your visitors about navigation in any way.

One of the best ways to develop a fantastic website is by hiring a professional website design company or a freelancer, who is reputed in his or her deliverables. Always choose a company, which is an expert in building company websites.

Use Images Sensibly

Images attract a lot of attention of visitors, however it's easy to ruin the impact if there is a bombardment of images with no balance of design in any way. One must be careful to ensure that the visual images do not overwhelm any visitor. 

Image text links should be used with images so that the visitor is made aware of your products and services. By just adding a single main image, the visitor is unlikely to follow your line of thought. If the images do not communicate your brand, they serve no purpose and will lead the users on a different path, detracting them from your website.

Make Good Use of Color

If your company has a logo, which is made up of a particular set of colors, there is no reason to use some other color scheme. Branding is of prime importance to attract relevant visitors and by using a similar color scheme as that of your logo, would keep things simple and effective.

A few accent colors for variety are fine but it is important that the Web design has colors of your logo and instills the brand in more places than one. Visitors will associate the color scheme with your company even if it is present in the physical form in the real world.

Break Up Text into Sections and Paragraphs

Your product might be important to you and you might wish to share information in detail. But the average visitor will not go through a "wall of text" or spend time reading all Web pages. Visitors glean information by going through bold sub-sections and sub-headings so that they get the summary of your large content.

The summary would always mention the gist of a particular text section. One can use bold sections or hyperlinks to break visual monotony. Also, preferably keep paragraphs short. 

Make Sure Your Website Is "Social Media Friendly" And Shareable

Your company should have a website, which includes shareable elements. By linking your site to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, one can leverage interest of a user to the social platform. Social aggregation sites, bookmarking sites like Digg and Mashable along with discussion forums are also useful to spread the word. Your website should be highly useful to visitors so that they can tweet about it or even pin your interesting infographics on their Pinterest page.

One should magnify the visibility of the site along with its marketing reach through participation in social media sites. These sites are effective for "word-of-mouth" advertising and for helping customers feel that their problems can be resolved directly.

Creating an engaging website requires a lot of effort and a willingness to pay attention to details. Aligning one's site with design trends is useful too. While content needs to be balanced with visual appeal, one should not discount the role of social elements in improving the impact and awareness about the site. A website that is poorly designed with unappealing text is bound to fail in terms of retaining visitor attention.

Keep it Simple

You've crammed graphics, text content and different elements on the landing page. But it is important that things are kept simple. Users might be overwhelmed by such sites and more likely to bounce off your page than trying to make sense of the overall clutter. Keep the site clean and focused on your offerings with additional elements of social sharing and internal linking minimal and logical. The information needs to be bulleted systematically.

Making the Right Impression

Your website is your online identity and visitors will perceive your company depending on your site. A cluttered site will give an image of a cluttered, inefficient company. Likewise, a balanced website is sure to give an impression of a well-to-do efficient company. Make use of the above tips to make the right impression and attract visitors to your site.

Chirag Leuva is the CEO of Yudiz Solutions, an android app development company. A app developer and avid gamer, Chirag was fed up with what others sites were offering in the android games blogging arena and decided to start his own.