Crush the competition with Punchtab's CRUSH

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 26 Mar, 2012

A new Klout-like service has just hit the market - and it goes by the name of CRUSH.

The service comes from social loyalty provider PunchTab, and aims at helping businesses analyze visitor engagement and measure social influence. 

CRUSH tracks user-behavior related to a business's website and social networks. It provides businesses with a CRUSH Score, and offers suggestions for businesses to improve their engagement and influence, such as more frequent visits, longer visits and better word-of-mouth advertising in social channels. 

"It's not enough to build a great website or produce excellent content," said Ranjith Kumaran, founder, PunchTab. "With so many sites and apps competing for attention, you need a compelling way to build a loyal following. The rapid growth we've experienced proves there's a large market for innovative approaches to loyalty, and we feel there's still plenty of room for disruption, especially on the mobile front."