Data is the Fuel of the Future at Campaign Monitor

Marketers obviously want to take advantage of all the data that's available on their customers these days in order to deliver the hyper-personalized experiences they expect; and software is pretty much the only way to accomplish that.

Fortunately, there is a great deal of activity in the tech space which makes it a reality - and an accessible one at that.  

Email marketing and automation provider Campaign Monitor, for example, has just announced the acquisition of customer data platform Tagga. Combining Tagga's customer data platform with Campaign Monitor's solution will result in a true marketing CRM for today's brands. 

"Data is the fuel of the future and we need to help translate it for our customers in a meaningful way," said Alex Bard, CEO, Campaign Monitor. "With Tagga, Campaign Monitor will be the marketer's behavioral data-driven engine, powering more effective ways for marketers to engage with customers."

With Tagga, Campaign Monitor will enable marketers to "capture data in an ambient way" according to the announcement, essentially creating behavioral profiles for their customers to drive a greater return for their business.

Tagga will be integrated into Campaign Monitor's platform with a beta offering slated for calendar year 2017. Pricing for the new offering will be announced at the time of general availability.